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Bridal Boudoir

bridal boudoir candid photo
bridal boudoir shoot candid portrait
bride poses with her veil on a chair
bridal boudoir close up portrait
Boudoir photography of bride in silk bathrobe
bridal boudoir shoot

By Nancy Gorman, owner of Makeup By Nancy No one knows better than your makeup artist – in this case Makeup by Nancy – the leaps, bounds, and obstacles that every bride encounters on her adventure to the aisle. The planning, the parties, and the shopping (of course)!!! Obviously your wedding dress is critical, but there are so many clothing purchases that add to your big day – and night!! Your Kimono Robes, that special lingerie set, those super awesome shoes you searched high and low for and spend a pretty penny! Your fiancé never gets to see the robes, so why not show…

Mother’s Makeup


By Nancy Gorman, owner of Makeup by Nancy The wedding day has arrived, and while you knew it would eventually, you can’t help but feel both happy and sad. The sadness is because your baby is all grown up and the happiness is in knowing they have found their one true love. The wedding planning is a whirlwind and everything is much different than when you planned your own. For example, now everyone gets ready together – makeup artists and hair stylist are brought in to ensure everyone looks their best. Now, your nerves kick in – what if you…