Seacoast Weddings Staff

Mary Johanna Brown  •  Publisher and Creative Director
Mary Jo skipped the marriage and went right for the baby. Her beautiful daughter, Haley, born in 2005, is the light of her life.


Debbie Kane  •  Editor
When not immersed in the details of Seacoast Weddings, Debbie writes for several regional magazines, including New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Home, and Northeast Flavor, and blogs about communications and social media at She’s also been known to run road races and practice a down dog or two.


Theresa Wiseman  •  Advertising Sales
Theresa has been working on Seacoast Weddings since 2005, and enjoys every minute of it. When not working, she enjoys life with her family and friends, and is always up for a good wedding.


Nan Stanek  •  Advertising Sales
Nan has been in “re-married” delight with her second husband for 27 years. When not selling, she can be found at her turn-of-the-century cottage or her home in Florida with her husband, Bill. Either place, she enjoys being with her children, grandchildren, and her Labradoodle, Maxcim.


Julia Madden  •  Advertising Sales
Julia has worked with publications from Madison Ave to New Hampshire; in small business development, marketing strategies, public relations, and advertising sales; Seacoast Weddings is a favorite.


Brett Davis  •  Graphic Designer
When not designing for Seacoast Weddings, Brett can most likely be found outdoors riding his motorcycle or shopping for menswear.


Terri Nulph  •  Accounting Manager
Terri has been married to her college sweetheart, Drew, for 28 years. Their amazing daughter, Casey, is now a college student. When not crunching numbers, Terri can be found exploring the Seacoast, camera in hand.