2020 Moments Gallery

An intimate gaze. A joyful laugh. A quiet pause. These images capture the emotions that run through a couple’s wedding day with reflections from the photographers and the story behind these special moments.

Contributing Photographers: Alanna Hogan, Allie Kelley, Brea McDonald Photography, By Halie, Casey Durgin Photography, Chris Keeley Photography, Elusive Photography, Enid Arvelo of Nadra Photography, Eric McCallister Photography, Emily Delamater Photography, Freebird Photography, Jamie Mercurio, Julie K. Gray Photography, Kate Preftakes, Katelyn Mallett Photography, Leigh Doran of Nadra Photography, Mark Davidson, Mark McCall Photography, Maren Kathleen Photography, Maxine Cadman Photography, Meraki Portrait, Natalya DeSena Photography, Rachel Buckley Photography, Rodeo & Co., Russell Caron Photography, Trina Dinnar Photography