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Springtime Love and Puppy Dog Kisses – By Wedding Expert Nancy Gorman


Springtime Love and Puppy Dog Kisses at Turner Hill Mansion Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup By Nancy  Love was in the air this past June at the Turner Hill Mansion in Ipswich, MA. There were blue skies, bright smiles, and enough puppy dog kisses for everyone’s delight. Catherine & Jeff scored a beautiful day to celebrate their happily ever after. Along with the blue skies, the bridal party’s blue gowns and suits perfectly complemented a wonderful day and lovely family. First, was the super adorable dog who accompanied the couple to the wedding, managed by her handler Nicole of…

Jennifer + Scott – by Wedding Expert Nancy Gorman


Salisbury Beach Wedding Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup By Nancy Jennifer and Scott tied the knot on September 14, 2019, in Salisbury, MA. They were wed at the Star of the Sea Parish Church and celebrated afterwards at the Blue Ocean Event Center. The bride, groom and wedding party were styled by Marry & Tux Bridal Shoppe. The night was perfection from start to finish. The bride’s wedding planning covered every detail, from the groom’s nautical cuff links to the custom Snapchat filters. Jennifer’s makeup artist, Nancy Gorman from Makeup By Nancy, used airbrushed makeup that perfectly matched her…

After the Wedding – by Wedding Expert Nancy Gorman


Classy Photoshoots with Your Bridesmaids Dress Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy The wedding bells rang, the cake was eaten, and the bride and groom left for the tropics of wherever to celebrate the start of their life together. As for you? Well, you have a beautiful bridesmaids dress to remember the occasion, but what if that stunning look didn’t have to sit in your closet? Too often these colorful and form-fitting dresses rot away in darkness, never to see the light of day again. With a little creativity, the right photographer, hairstylist, and makeup artist, you can…

Christina Chow + Sam Kocsis

orange and red wedding bouquet
wedding high heels from INC
bride greeting wedding guests
bride and groom in front for vine covered barn
Christina and Sam walk through the grounds of the Crane Estate
Dancing under the lights at the reception
dramatic portrait wedding
wedding cake created by montilios baking company ma
Family photos and a box for wedding greetings.
destination wedding world map

Ipswich, Massachusetts Christina and Sam’s intimate wedding was the perfect way to celebrate their marriage. The couple met in India and reunited in New Hampshire, so being married in New England was important to them. “This is where our relationship really developed,” says Christina. “We planned our wedding for September so we could show out-of-town guests a New England fall.” Since their grandparents couldn’t travel to the wedding for health reasons, Christina displayed family photos of parents and grandparents on their wedding days. There was no bridal party: the couple’s siblings were part of the wedding ceremony, tapped to do…

Gabrielle and Nick – by Wedding Expert Nancy Gorman


Omni Mount Washington, Bretton Woods, NH Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy Creating a stunning, Persian-inspired wedding makeup look was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a makeup artist, and it makes me beyond proud of what I do. Being a part of such a beautiful celebration was absolutely unforgettable. Of course, it takes a village to pull of this level of perfection; before I delve into my wonderful experience at Nick and Gabrielle’s wedding, I wanted to say a quick “Thank You” to my fellow wedding team: Chloe Cormier, hair stylist; Omni Mount Washington Resort;…

The Ultimate New England Bachelorette Party — A Styled Vintage Photo Shoot!


Newburyport, MA Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy When it comes to your bachelorette party, you want it to be something everyone will remember forever. Paint parties, nightclubs, and regular old restaurant events are completely overdone. If you’re trying to come up with a theme that is totally unique for your bachelorette party, look no further! A styled vintage photo shoot is possibly the most perfect event you could throw. Not only will you have so much fun doing it, the photos will be evidence to remember this sweet moment forever. This weekend, my talented team pulled out all…

Making Vintage Feel Modern – 1950’s Styled Wedding Shoot


Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup By Nancy. Vintage weddings are some of my favorites to be a part of and today, they have become a common wedding theme.  I recently helped form a team to recreate a 1950’s themed wedding with some amazing and talented models. As the attire and décor unfolded, I was immediately back in an era of soda shops, sock hops, and drive-in movies. It was also clear that there’s an art to creating a vintage vibe that feels fresh and modern, rather than stuffy.  Given that so few truly authentic pieces are still around from this…

Going Glam while Looking Natural – by Wedding Expert Makeup by Nancy


Methuen, Massachusetts Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy Every wedding and every bride have their own unique vibe. However, striking the right balance between modern trends and timeless appeal is something every wedding must contend with. When I work with a bride on her wedding day, I ask a lot of questions about her usual makeup routine and the wedding itself. I often ask a bride to share a photo of herself when she felt more beautiful. This gives me important clues about how to approach her wedding makeup. Some brides are anxious, wanting me to cover up…

A Fairytale Wedding – by Wedding Expert Nancy Gorman

bride at plum island airport
airplane shaped cufflinks for groom
plum island airport wedding
wedding ceremony at plum island airport

Newburyport, Massachusetts Written by Nancy Gorman of Makeup By Nancy. How do you create the perfect wedding? The obvious answer is, “with true love.” So, then what comes once you’ve found that? Victoria and Ryan created their perfect wedding with the perfect stylists, vendors, and details, of course! But first, it all starts with those pristine little envelopes containing invitations to join the bride and groom as they take their vows of forever and always. In this case, all attendees received lovely invitations crafted by Simply B. When their special day finally arrived, Victoria and Ryan’s fairytale wedding took place at…