Tips & Trends: Take a Seat! and Crushing It with Color

Tip: Take a Seat! Weddings are joyous occasions, but they also can present some unique challenges. Case in point, those divorced parents of the bride or groom who can’t stand to be in the same room together. What to do? “A wedding planner can be essential in these situations,” says Sorrell Downing, owner of Events by Sorrell. “By thoughtfully assigning seats for both the ceremony and reception, we can proactively minimize potential conflicts. And when it comes to coordinating wedding photos, we can collaborate closely with the photographer and curate a comprehensive shot list, specifying each person’s involvement. This allows us to sidestep any potential discomfort, making sure the final album is a collection of cherished moments. If someone is in a shot who shouldn’t be (like dad’s new girlfriend), either the photographer or I can discreetly ask that individual to step aside.”

Trend: Crushing It with Color. We’re predicting a season of deep, rich colors in linens, candles, and florals, based on input from our Editorial Advisory Panel. “I’m seeing a lot of deep, saturated colors, like those in old-world Dutch paintings,” says Jenny Williamson of Jenny’s Wedding Cakes. Liz Wentworth of Mellow Botanicals concurs, adding that dark-centered flowers in rich hues—cosmos, anemones, dahlias, and butterfly ranunculus—are hugely popular for weddings. And Lisa Greene, owner of Beach Plum Flower Shop, says that darker berries, deeply colored foliage, and flowers like chocolate cosmos and merlot-colored scabiosa “provide grounding for the black or navy colors the groom is wearing.” Liz and Lisa both add that texture is huge. “It’s thistle flowers, seed heads of grasses, grains like quaking oats—anything that looks just picked and moves in the breeze,” notes Lisa.

Written by Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Rachel Bell Photography