Tips & Trends: Quality Is Always a Classic and Not Your Mother’s Wedding

Tip: Quality Is Always a Classic. Whether it’s the service you expect or the meal you share with guests on your wedding day, quality is always appreciated. Chef Jay Curcio, owner of The White Apron, says he remains dedicated to preparing classic food that is well crafted from fresh, quality ingredients. “Our clients want that standard elegance that never goes out of style. Your wedding is an indulgent event—it’s an imprinted memory for the rest of your lives—so all those ancillary details, like how the platters work on your tablescape, are very important.” Dionna Porcello of The View at Pepperrell Cove says, “We’re seeing movement back to the classic buffet, as well as family-style service where every table gets platters of proteins, veggies, starches, and salads.”

Trend: Not Your Mother’s Wedding. Ditch the Emily Post etiquette book and make the day your own! Incorporating a cake cutting, bouquet toss, and other ceremony elements just for tradition’s sake is a thing of the past. Today’s bride and groom are doing things their way, whether it’s walking down the aisle together (sorry Dad), nixing the traditional cake for a dessert table or an ice-cream truck, or choosing an elopement or a micro-wedding. Even guest books have changed, with family and friends signing everything from blank jigsaw puzzles to kayaking paddles. Dionna Porcello mentions seeing “audio guest books,” vintage phones with a sign that says “Leave a message for the
Bride and Groom.”

Written by Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Katelyn Mallett Photography