Tips & Trends: Focus on the Groom and Dressed to Thrill!

Tip: Focus on the Groom. Want to keep your groomsmen from feeling short-changed when it comes to the wedding festivities? Then consider booking a groom concierge to guide the guys through some fun in the days leading up to your wedding. “Giving the groom his moment is exactly what I’d love to see more of,” says Sorrell Downing. That, she says, might include letting the groom concierge plan your bachelor party, arrange a bachelor weekend of golf or deep-sea fishing, make restaurant reservations, or any of the other myriad small and large tasks that fall to the groom. A groom concierge also can take care of tedious post-wedding tasks, like returning tuxedos and paying groom-related vendors. So take heart, guys! Weddings are no longer just about the bride!

Trend: Dressed to Thrill! Hot off the runway at the recent New York bridal market—a ’90s revival, color in gowns and accessories, lace embroidery, and lots of little white dresses! According to Lindsay Reed of Madeleine’s Daughter Bridal, it’s all about fresh details this season. “We’re seeing fold-over cuffed necklines, mostly on strapless styles, but some folding over the arms for an off-the-shoulder look,” says Lindsay. “The ’90s revival includes dropped-waist silhouettes and square, high-necked, or more modest necklines.” And then there’s all that color! “Color has been trending for awhile, but we’re seeing more pastel blue and purple hues, which feels fresh!” Finally, little white mini dresses remain popular for a reception outfit change; Lindsay adds that some designers are offering dresses with detachable pieces—like lacy sleeves, trains, and capes—for that “just-changed” look.

Written by Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Mary Collins Photography