Carly Martinetti + Michael Glenmullen

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July 2, 2022

Gloucester, MA

If being married in a castle on the ocean was part of Carly’s wedding dream, then she fulfilled that the day she married Michael at Hammond Castle. “We were looking for something unique, and it definitely fit the bill,” she says. “I grew up only five minutes away, but I’d never been there. It was the first place we looked, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that was it—one and done!”

Carly says she saw amazing photo ops at every turn. “I was looking for a Midsummer’s Night, enchanted garden sort of theme, and the castle was perfect for that. We had tons of candles and twinkle lights all around, and soft uplighting. My bridesmaids were in moss green, and the floral arrangements had a loose, organic look—nothing too structured. I wanted them to look freshly picked.” To add to the beauty of the setting, guests were treated to multiple rainbows throughout the day as rain threatened but never occurred.

To honor Carly’s Jewish heritage, she and Michael had both their parents walk them down the aisle at the appropriate time. “Walking down the aisle and seeing Michael looking so happy was a special moment for me,” she says. “Reading our vows to each other was also very special.” And then there was dancing the “hora,” the traditional Jewish dance where the bride and groom are lifted up in chairs by the guests. “It really got the energy going!”

Written by Pat Chaudoin

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Cassandra Daye Photography

L’elite Bridal, Boston, MA

Korina McKeowan, Framingham, MA

Beauty by Lo

Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA

Defined Luxe, based in MA

Oh Jolie Catering, Peabody, MA

Veronika Matunin Cakes, Plainville, MA

Groom’s Attire:
Nordstrom, Boston, MA

Rococo Florist Co., Somerville, MA

Nu Image Entertainment, North Reading, MA

PEAK Event Services, Woburn, MA