Tips & Trends: Role Playing and Floral Installations

Kelly + Sean at Gibbett Hill

Tip: Role Playing. Mother of the groom may be the least understood role among those in the wedding party. “She’s often overlooked, but she deserves care and attention like any other member of the wedding party,” notes Renée Habashy of Madeleine’s Daughter. “Many people joke that the MOG ought to ‘wear beige and keep her mouth shut.’ But really, she should be the guest who stands out the most—dressed only a little less formal than the mother of the bride, and definitely more formal than any other guest.” She suggests that instead of searching for the perfect shade of “Shut-Up Champagne,” the MOG should find a color that not only flatters her skin tone, but also makes her feel beautiful and confident. Reuben Bell adds, “With so many emotions flying around that day, she might need some special attention. Have someone get the groom’s mother a drink at the beginning of the reception, and check in with her throughout the evening.”

Trend: Floral Installations. Google “floral installations,” and you will be astounded by the beauty and creativity of this unique treatment. From flower walls to hanging, chandelier-style arrangements dripping with greenery and color, each installation is a visual treat that will wow your guests. “Floral design has become such an art!” says Julie DeStafano. “Floral designers are no longer arranging flowers in glass cylinders. We are creating intimate spaces and applying all the concepts of the visual arts, including color and textures.” “Over-the-top floral installations are a trend I hope stays,” says Meg Hamilton. “They can transform a simple tent or ballroom into something magical. I find it adds a lot more visually to the photos when we can create more layers to an image. Simple greenery hanging from standard lighting can add an extra layer of personality to the overall wedding design without a huge budget impact.”

Written by Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Katelyn Mallett Photography