Tips & Trends: Look to Your Own Back Yard and Bye-Bye Buffet


Tip: Look to Your Own Back Yard. Sourcing locally for flowers and food has become something of a mantra in recent years, especially in this time of supply-chain issues. “Local farmers and growers were essential to the flower industry this year,” says Julie DeStafano, owner of Viola & Moss Floral Artistry. “Flowers were very hard to source (through normal channels), but local farmers had beautiful product that pushed our florals to a new level. I also saw local farmers who cultivate their own oysters, like Laura Brown from Fox Point Oysters and Swell Oyster Co., both out of New Hampshire. They are always a huge hit at weddings.”

Trend: Bye-Bye Buffet. Buffets and chef-attended stations are a great way to get your guests up and out of their seats, but some venues have nixed these because of COVID. “Sit-down dinners are making a big comeback,” says Reuben Bell of Blue Elephant Events & Catering. “With the pandemic, we’re seeing renewed interest in traditional plated meals. And even then, things like salads in martini glasses are replacing plated salads, with the vessel keeping them safe from airborne particles.” Reuben’s partner, Fausto Pifferrer, recalls a couple that split their 100-person guest list in two for safety’s sake. “They had an earlier group of 50 older folks for a sit-down dinner, then 50 younger people later for a cocktail party.” Reuben also notes that sit-down dinners have guests getting up from the table more quickly to hit the dance floor—an added bonus!

Written by Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Kate Preftakes Photography