Tips & Trends: Go Big with the Details and Tiny Treats in Perfect Packaging

BE-Edible Spoons Focus Photography

Tip: Go Big with the Details. Our Editorial Advisory Panel is unanimous—brides are opting for more extravagant, over-the-top details than ever before, often spending more money on fewer guests. “This means quality over quantity, and everything matching,” says Jaime Melfi of Autumn Nomad, “from drinks to décor to the cake.” Look for extreme lighting, a flair in the food offerings, vintage furniture brought in for receptions—chaise lounges, upholstered chairs, etc.—even luxurious linens flown in from Italy. “At the Custom House Maritime Museum, you can arrive at your wedding by your own boat or a charter craft,” says Pat Cannon. Then there are those special details that show your guests how much you appreciate them. “I’ve seen incredibly thoughtful welcome gifts waiting for guests in their hotel rooms, like local chocolates and special snacks,” says Meg Hamilton of Rodeo & Co. Photography. Rachel Huddleston of Jimmy’s on Congress adds that guest-centric entertainment options are another big detail; think morning yoga sessions, cigar bars, and after-party bonfires.

Trend: Tiny Treats in Perfect Packaging. It may have been birthed by the pandemic, but small treats served in creative containers could be a trend that’s here to stay. “We’ve found that guests love individual portions packaged in creative ways,” says Reuben Bell. These include charcuterie cones, lobster “martinis,” fruit in bitty beach pails, salad served in mini Chinese take-out containers, and hors d’oeuvres filling the bowls of edible spoons. “The spoon adds an additional crunch and flavor profile! These are just some of the ways we’ve incorporated pandemic concerns into fresh and fun ideas.” Top off the evening with mini bakery boxes holding exquisite cupcakes or decadent donuts for guests to take home, rather than cutting into a traditional wedding cake.

Written by Pat Chaudoin