Tips & Trends: Get Lit! and Custom Couture

BE-Mini cocktails Focus Photography

Tip: Get Lit! Creative cocktails are all the rage, and that includes the containers they come in. “We love the idea of mini cocktails that can be passed on trays like hors d’oeuvres,” says Reuben Bell. He says they’ve done specialty cocktails in perfume bottles and even light bulbs (not real ones!)—giving a whole new meaning to “get lit!” Pat Cannon of CAtCH Events and Custom House Maritime Museum loves the experience created by the vintage Italian “piaggio appe” operated by Runaway Bar. This mobile tap truck has “taptenders,” and Pat says, “They always bring a unique, chic experience. It’s perfect for all events—the truck fits into small spaces and always creates smiles, laughter, and good times.”

Trend: Custom Couture. Some brides, having waited two years to finally wear their wedding dresses, are hoping to refresh some of the details, says Elizabeth Dirom, owner of Madeleine’s Daughter. “We’re seeing an explosion of custom looks, like adding an overskirt or extended train or making a subtle neckline change. Designers who were traditionally unwilling to make changes have recognized the trend and are offering options. We recently had a bride who loved the idea of a particular dress, but wanted it made in crepe instead of satin and wanted to replace the beading with lace. The designer accommodated, and it was a stunning gown. What this means for brides is that if they can dream it, we can do it.”

Written by Pat Chaudoin