Tips & Trends: Go Local and Get Creative


Tip: Go Local. Sourcing locally is not only a great way to introduce out-of-town guests to the local landscape but it also helps the local economy. “At Beach Plum Flowers, we grow our own flowers with a local grower, Singing Brook Farms. They are gorgeous, unique and help our local ecosystem,” says Pat Cannon. There are many ways to bring local flair to your event—talk to your caterer and baker about using in-season locally grown foods; find a local artist to create one-of-a-kind keepsake wedding invitations; or bring in a local brewery or distillery. “When you share with your vendor team that this is important to you, it makes everyone happy,” says Paula Cano. When time is of the essence, it may seem easier to just click “buy” and wait for the delivery, but local specialists will give you more personal attention and make your wedding unique. Now, more than ever, our local businesses need support.

Trend: Get Creative. These days, keeping guests healthy and safe is the ultimate priority. There are ways to get creative when planning a Covid-friendly wedding. “One couple had different colored bracelets to identify social distancing comfort levels among guests,” says Jenna Malloy, owner of Paints and Pans. “Couples are personalizing masks with the wedding date, handing out custom beaded mask holders and personalized hand sanitizers and that way all the guests have matching masks in the pictures,” says Tiffany Learned. Peggy Liversidge, owner of Kitchen Chicks Catering says, “While buffets and stations are out, you can have fun with individually presented plates or mini boxes for appetizers and desserts. They look like little gifts and are easy to hold and eat from.” All of our experts agree that having a great attitude and being joyous in the face of the challenge is key.

Written by Andrea Cairns

Photography by TARA Photography