Tips & Trends: Collaborate and Love Wins


Tip: Collaborate. So many details go into planning a wedding, regardless of the size of the event, but if you leverage the collective experience of the vendors you’ve gathered, it can be a lot easier. “You can have 20+ years of experience in the wedding industry between all of your vendors,” says Jim Barbere of Jim Barbere Photography. They’ve likely seen it all, and can work with you to come up with creative solutions and offer sound, practical advice. “It’s so important to build on the relationships you have with your vendor team; we’re all in this together and open communication about next steps is crucial. Having a strong foundation of trust with your vendors is of utmost value to ensure a successful and safely executed day,” says Paula Cano.

Trend: Love Wins. We are all craving a reason to celebrate, and what better reason than love. So many of the brides we spoke to this year expressed how special their weddings were because they were able to get back to the basics and surround themselves with their closest family and friends. They slowed down, enjoyed the simple moments and remembered what the wedding was about. “Life is a journey and it’s full of so many ups and downs. It’s best to control what you can and enjoy life,” says Pat Cannon. We couldn’t agree more.

Written by Andrea Cairns

Photography by Antoinette Photography