Allison Casiles + Dylan Hosmer

September 12, 2020

North Yarmouth, Maine

Allison and Dylan met through mutual friends. They dated for three years before getting engaged at Sand Island in Casco Bay—an island you can only get to by boat. They both grew up in Falmouth, MA, so being out on the ocean all day was perfect, although Allison could have done without the sunburn. Her engagement ring is in the shape of a Hexagon, which ended up being a recurring theme throughout their wedding. “Hexagons occur organically in nature and represent balance and unity, which is what we want our marriage to mirror,” says Allison.   

They love the outdoors, and wanted a ceremony space that would be private and romantic. Dylan is a landscaper so he was drawn to the grounds of The Barn at Walnut Hill and the house reminded them of Cape Cod. They also really wanted a location where they could have a weekend long celebration.

Although Covid did alter their wedding plans, they were able to adapt. The band and dance floor were in the barn but they could only have 50 people in there. They did their important dances during dinner so all of their guests could be part of those significant moments and then a small list of people offered to leave early so they could dance the night away without worry. Regardless of everything that went on, their guests agreed their wedding was the highlight of their year.

Written by Andrea Cairns

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