Tips & Trends: Try to Stick Close and Dried Up


Tip: Try to Stick Close. Taking off-site photos the day of your wedding isn’t a walk in the park, considering the extra time and other logistics. “I always advise against it,” says Linnea Tangorra, owner of Tangorra Wedding Planning, Newburyport, MA. She suggests if you have a spot you love that isn’t your wedding location, travel there for your engagement photos and save yourself added stress on your wedding day!

Trend: Dried Up! Dried flowers are taking over at fall weddings! “We’re seeing everything from just an accent of some bunny tails to bleached wheat and dried leaves or ferns,” note Cannon and Greene, adding that mixing the textures of live and dried flowers gives your bouquet that little something extra. “And dried flowers as full bouquets is something we’re seeing right on the tipping point.”

Tip: Sweetheart versus Head Tables. How do you choose? Donna Ryan, owner of The View at Pepperrell Cove in Kittery Point, ME, says there are perks to both. For instance, she says, if you and your new spouse are interested in privacy, a sweetheart table is just the thing. “You’re in your own bubble, just the two of you,” says Ryan. And, she explains, you don’t see the classic head table anymore. Taranto adds, “You see head tables that are larger banquet tables, slightly separated from everyone, with select members of the couple’s family and friends.”

Trend: Here’s to Brews. Support local breweries by serving craft beer at your wedding. “The beer can be tailored to your food, where the beer and dessert can kind of match,” shares Rose Bryant, Senior Wedding Coordinator at Kitchen Chicks Catering, Kennebunk, ME. “Serving flights of beer elevates the experience even more. You can offer a few options and have the hors d’oeuvres go with specific flights.” Ryan says to let your venue know
you want craft beer months in advance, to make sure they can get your favorite brew!

Written by Amanda Easter and Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Maxine Cadman Photography