Tips & Trends: Take a Seat and Handyman Grooms


Tip: Take a Seat. Using unconventional seating for your ceremony or reception can be fun, but it’s important you still have enough seats for everyone. “You don’t want 70 percent of your guests sitting and the other 30 percent standing around them,” cautions Nicole Mower of Nicole Mower Weddings and Events in Kittery, ME. On the other hand, incorporating different styles of chairs and benches can switch up the feel of the day. “It doesn’t have to be the traditional table and chair. Lounge furniture is a great way to create a relaxed feel,” continues Mower. Rick Taranto, owner of Details Events Staging in Kennebunkport, ME, agrees. “Bringing in high-top tables and even bar stools is another way couples are changing things.”

Trend: Handyman Grooms. Grooms are making more of an impact on the wedding day by adding their own flair to the ceremony. Take, for instance, the trend toward moongates replacing arches as a ceremony backdrop, and grooms getting involved by making the moongates themselves. Your groom isn’t a handyman? No worries! “Incorporate their interests, their talents, or their passions in whatever capacity you can, whether it’s building something physically or creating something artistically or even baking something delicious,” shares Mower, “It’s a really sweet touch that guests will enjoy.”

Tip: Think Outside the Bouquet Box. Incorporating unusual flowers into your bouquets adds an unexpected touch to your wedding. “We’ve seen couples use flowers from their travels, making a completely custom bouquet,” say Cannon and Greene. Using neotropical foliage and blending it with local materials creates an interesting and unique look. If your groom enjoys brewing beer, consider incorporating hops into your bouquet or his boutonnière. And custom bouquets don’t have to stop at the flowers; you can add family heirlooms, like a broach or a tie, to the band to keep a special someone’s memory close by.

Trend: Skinny Tux. Grooms have been kicking their fashion sense up a notch in recent years, and some would say it’s about time. “Men are paying more attention to their own attire,” says Edgerley, “and everyone knows you photograph better when you feel confident.” In addition to choosing skinny-legged tuxedos, Dirom adds that men are wearing velvet suits. She says velvet is a great addition to a fall or winter wedding, especially when it incorporates the wedding colors. Dirom suggests pink, burgundy, or royal blue as great choices in colored velvet.

Written by Amanda Easter and Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Molly Anne Photography