Tips & Trends: Create a Floral Wall and Custom Chocolates

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Tip: Create a Floral Wall. Hoping to “wow” your guests? Then a floral wall could be just the thing! “It personalizes the event beautifully,” says Nadra Edgerley, owner of Nadra Photography in Scarborough, ME. And it can be very versatile, according to Pat Cannon, owner, and Lisa Greene, master designer of Beach Plum Flower Shop in Newburyport, MA. “One large backdrop for the ceremony can be broken down into sections for the reception,” they explain. “One section can be used behind the cake table, another behind the sweetheart table, and yet another for the photo booth.”

Trend: Custom Chocolates. Everyone loves something sweet at the end of the night, so create the perfect wedding favor by making custom chocolates. Capitalizing on the same idea behind a signature cocktail, custom chocolates leave your guests with a taste to remember. “If the bride and groom have special flavors they are using—for instance, a group of herbs or a particular beer or wine—a chocolate can be created around it,” suggest Cannon and Greene. So send your guests home with an edible favor using flavors you and your partner love! 

Written by Amanda Easter and Pat Chaudoin

Photography by Katelyn Mallett Photography