Elinor Albin + George Eichman IV

September 28, 2019

Raymond, Maine

Elinor and George met at a housewarming party—George knew the woman and the guy was the brother-in-law of a friend of Elinor’s. Elinor went to the party alone and spent time chatting with George, amazed at how at ease they were with each other having just met. Elinor’s boyfriend eventually joined her. George offered them a ride home. Elinor and George sat in front continuing their easy going conversation. But Elinor had a boyfriend and that was that. Until six months later. George found her on Tinder. She had broken up with the boyfriend. And now Elinor and George are married.

They each grew up in Massachusetts with families who did a lot of hiking and camping in Northern New England; they both wanted an outdoor wedding. Elinor pictured a lake as a backdrop and being married under
an oak tree. They also wanted a place with onsite housing. Kingsley Pines in Raymond, Maine, met all those requirements.

With touches like 200-year-old lace brought home from China by Elinor’s great grandfather that has been used in some way in weddings in her family for decades to wedding bands with oak inlay to real moss on the table and in the ring holder
(“I had a vision,” Elinor said, “there will be moss,”) Elinor and George’s wedding was as memorable as the way they met.

• by Cheryl Kimball


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Kingsley Pines Camp, Raymond, ME

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