Christen Reardon + Micah Moreau

December 30, 2018

Portland, Maine

Christen laughs when she says that she and Micah met the “traditional way”—online. They were both living in Boston and found each other on the dating site Hinge. While on their first date, Christen was a bit discouraged to learn that Micah was moving to Vermont. But they hit it off so well that they went ahead with the long-distance relationship thing—even when she moved from Boston to New York. Micah ended up moving there.

Not long after they got engaged at Thanksgiving 2017, the couple moved together to San Francisco. Despite the 3,000-mile gap, they chose Maine for their wedding—he went to Bowdoin, she has family in Maine—with a year-end 2018 date. They researched venue options, worked with their planner, Megan Gilpatrick of Maine Seasons Events, and became intrigued by Brick South in Thomson’s Point in Portland. They also were a little nervous about it, worried that the large unique open warehouse-like space was perhaps too massive for their 130-guest wedding. In February 2017, they took a trip to Portland and confirmed it was the perfect space. Then they went back in August to get one last look to help with their final planning.

Christen and Micah took a long-distance risk on the venue and on each other, and in both cases everything turned out perfectly.

by Cheryl Kimball


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Sarah Morrill Photography

Ceremony + Reception:
Brick South, Portland, ME

Getting-Ready Venue:
The Press Hotel, Portland, ME

Megan Gilpatrick, Maine Seasons Events and Rentals

The Bread and Butter Catering Company, South Portland, ME

Laura Shelby Murphy 

Emma at Bei Capelli, Scarsborough, ME

Gina and the Red Eye Flight Crew 

Meg McIntire