Tips & Trends: Set up a selfie station and Wedding cakes get natural

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Tip: Set up a selfie station. Selfie stations are easy (and fun). “It gives guests something else to do besides drink and dance,” says Lubanski. “People really get into it.” A photo booth without walls, selfie stations can be stocked with instant cameras, extra film and a place for guests to display their snapshots. You can also set up with an iPad with a photo-sharing app that allows guest to shoot and share photos in an online wedding album. Props encourage guests to play.

Trend: Wedding cakes get natural. The natural trend extends to wedding cakes. “Everything is soft, natural and very romantic,” says Jennifer Williamson of Jenny’s Wedding Cakes in Amesbury, Massachusetts. She’s garnishing cakes with fresh fruits of all kinds like apricots, figs, grapes and blackberries, as well as herbs like thyme, mint, rosemary and sage. Big cakes—with five or six tiers—and texture like ruffles are also on-trend as are glittering elements like silver, gold and copper.

Tip: Consider a weekday wedding. A weekday wedding can expand your vendor options. “I got married on a Wednesday,” says Patten. “We had a cocktail reception and it was very relaxed. It gave people something different to look forward to.” You can save money on venues, catering, perhaps even flowers if you pick dates other than Saturday, which is the most popular day of the week for weddings. “A Sunday brunch is a great way to go,” says Zahares. “If you get married on a Friday evening, you have the entire weekend to celebrate.”

Trend: Velvet. The sumptuous fabric is perfect for all seasons. “I use velvet for everything,” says Rose. “I used a baby blue velvet table cover with an ivory gauze runner for one wedding and I’ve used velvet in boutonnieres and bouquets.” Velvet exudes warmth, elegance and intimacy. Velvet ribbon can be used on menus and invitations; Gus & Ruby of Portsmouth has used flocked velvet on the back of wedding invitations. It’s even showing up in guys’ attire, like tuxedos and bow-ties. “It’s a very bespoke look for guys,” Dirom says.

Written by Debbie Kane

Photography by Kelly Payeur Photography