Tips & Trends: Create a timeline for your wedding photos and Picture yourself in a “live” wedding painting


Tip: Create a timeline for your wedding photos. Developing a timeline with your wedding photographer helps them capture amazing photos. “Talk to your photographer about the type of pictures that matter the most to you,” recommends photographer Eric McCallister of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Include the number of family/group photos you want, specific locations, and the time of your ceremony and reception. A photo timeline is often driven by the the time of day—usually twilight or early dawn—when the light is perfect for capturing a special outdoor shot. “You can’t fake outdoor light,” McCallister says. “If your ceremony or reception is in the evening, but you want glowing outdoor images for your ‘first look,’ you’ll have to shoot during the cocktail hour or reception to get that light.” Also good to know: account for travel time from your ceremony to the reception. “Stick to the timeline or it’ll compromise your photos,” says photographer Christian Pendergraft of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Photography is the first to suffer when a couple is off their timeline.” Your wedding planner or day-of contact for the wedding can make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Trend: Picture yourself in a “live” wedding painting. Hire an artist to paint a live portrait of your ceremony or reception. “The artist’s progress becomes part of the day’s entertainment,” says Zahares. Afterwards, you have a piece of art memorializing the day that can be used in thank you notes or even a Christmas card.

Written by Debbie Kane

Photography by Kate Preftakes Photography