Jami Styrczula + Sean Hayden

June 30, 2018

Ipswich, MA

Jami and Sean are childhood sweethearts who started dating in 7th grade. The couple was relaxing on the Newburyport, Massachusetts, waterfront 16 years later when Sean, a fervent letter writer who had sent numerous letters to Jami during their relationship, handed her another one. “As soon as I finished reading it, he got down on one knee and proposed,” says Jami.

A careful planner, Jami gave herself two years to map out the wedding; so, the day of the festivities, “I was beyond calm!” she says. The day included many details important to the couple. The ceremony was held at Sean’s family church, Ascension Memorial in Ipswich; the couple exchanged wedding bands provided by Sean’s aunt, a jeweler. The reception was at The Mansion at Turner Hill, Sean’s favorite place to play golf. At the reception, Jami and Sean enjoyed a two-tier wedding cake baked by Jami’s mom and 90-year-old grandmother, who owns a California bake shop. To commemorate the couple’s long courtship, each table at the reception was labeled with a year that Jami and Sean dated, from 2002 to 2018. “The day went off without a hitch,” Jami says. “It was a classic, romantic wedding.”

by Debbie Kane

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Alexsandra Wiciel

Ascension Memorial Church, Ipswich, MA

Turner Hill, Ipswich, MA

Vinwood Caterers, Ipswich, MA

Mikaella Bridal, Cristina’s Bridal, Andover, MA

Gordon’s, Ipswich, MA


Jane Johnson/Robin LeFevre

Heav’nly Donuts, Bradford, MA

DJ T-Rex, Boston, MA