Tips & Trends: Mix It Up and Wedding Blues

white and blue wedding flower bouquet

Tip: Mix It Up. Don’t be afraid to change up reception seating. Mixing table sizes or types creates more interest: round tables use space efficiently; rectangular tables can be combined into different configurations; and combining round tables with square or rectangular tables creates variety and visual interest.

Try mixing table types, too; for example, farm tables combined with traditional linen-covered tables. Mixing it up can save you money, according to Kara Marshall. “It’s the best of both worlds. You can use farm tables where guests can see them—as the welcome table, dessert station or head table. Then you can mix it up by using traditional round or square tables with tablecloths,” she says.

Trend: Wedding Blues. The color blue has long been associated with weddings, especially for bridesmaid dresses. French blue is a popular option for spring and summer weddings as is slate blue, with its soft gray undertones. You also can’t go wrong with navy.

“Navy blue will always be a popular color for New England weddings because it’s clean, simple and classic,” says Elizabeth Dirom. “A bride in a crisp, ivory dress alongside the groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen wearing navy blue looks really sharp.”

Written by Debbie Kane

Photography by Caitlin Page