The Groom’s Guide to Styling – Wedding Q & A

groom style boutonniere

Q: What can the groom do to make the most of his wedding day look?

A: Master stylist Brianne Wilson of Wingate Spa in Stratham, NH, says there’s an untapped market locally for men’s spa treatments. “It seems like the guys just tend to do their own thing,” she says, “but having a facial before the wedding day is a great idea, along with getting your hair styled. One of our stylists is from Thailand, and he says his mom does hair and makeup for grooms over there—basically, she applies foundation to even out their skin tone.”

As for shaving foams and aftershave scents, Wilson suggests a website her husband uses for ordering products, “He really likes their scents and the way the products make his skin feel,” she says. “Obviously, it’s important on your wedding day to choose an aftershave
or cologne scent that’s nice but not overpowering.”

Q: What’s the right way to fold a pocket square? And where does the boutonniere go?

A: Most times the florist will help put on the boutonniere. “If not, just remember it always goes on the left,” says photographer Christian Pendergraft of Portsmouth. “Sometimes I have grooms disagree with me on this, but in fact, boutonniere is French for buttonhole—which is on the left!

The pocket square also is on the left. Look on the Internet for dozens of ways to fold a pocket square, and then practice the night before. Go simple with the fold, either an easy puff or a folded rectangle with a clean line across the top. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s consistent among all your groomsmen.”

By Pat Chaudoin

Photographer: Kate Preftakes