Elevate Your Wedding Game – Tips & Trends

floating wedding cake with lavender accents and purple flowers
signature wedding cocktails with blueberries

Take your wedding cake and bar to the next level with these tips and trends.

Tip: Bars that Raise the Bar

A bar that’s open before and right after your ceremony creates a convivial atmosphere. “Bars are perfect gathering areas for your guests before or after the ceremony,” says Kate Malloy. “They’re also a great design element.” Think a shiplap board bar to match a rustic theme or gray with fabric or mirror inserts for a more upscale look. Add in a couple of options for beer and wine, and perhaps a signature cocktail, and you’re all set.

You can also get creative with a cigar bar, featuring a cigar expert, or add a bourbon or Scotch tasting for guests.

Trend: Wedding Cakes that Defy Gravity.

Here’s an Instagram-worthy, gravity-defying trend: upside-down, hanging, or floating wedding cakes. An upside-down cake resembles a multi-layered chandelier; it can be hung from a ceiling (or a chandelier itself). Another hanging option is placing the cake on a flat surface, like a swing or table, suspended from the ceiling or a tree branch.

“We created a suspended cake for a photography shoot that was hung on a swing with flowers around it, making it appear like it was sitting in a garden,” says Jennifer Williamson of Jenny’s Cakes.

By Debbie Kane


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