Pepperell Cove: A Backyard Destination Wedding

pepperell cove wedding ceremony on the water
pepperell cove wedding venue dining room overlooking harbor

A Backyard Destination Wedding

With the ebb and flow of the ocean at our doorsteps and the constant cacophony of crashing waves resounding in our every-day background, we are lucky to be able to call the Seacoast our home. Caught up in the daily bustle, we can sometimes grow numb to the beguiling views and natural magic that this place offers. With a gentle nudge, Seacoast Weddings Magazine reminds you that there are stunning views (accompanied by a smattering of venues that celebrate the scenery) nestled into our backyards and scattered along the rocky coastline. These special spaces are worthy of being a part of that all-important day — your wedding! — reminding you of the magic found in all our local vistas.

One notable location is The View at Pepperrell Cove, a newly-opened event space tucked in the heart of tranquil Kittery Point overlooking a fleet of sailboats moored in the harbor. Seacoast Weddings Magazine recently had the chance to talk with Donna Ryan, one of the five partners giving vision to this new and exciting venture.

The building — next door to the historic Frisbee’s Market — went through extensive recent renovations, transforming it from its previous life as the beloved restaurant Captain Simeon’s Galley.

With crisp white walls and a muted color scheme, the scenery of the Seacoast takes center stage in The View. “The inspiration [for the space] was the canvas that we deal with every day: The view. It’s constantly changing — it depends on the time of year, the placement of the sun, the hour,” says Donna. “We didn’t want anything to interrupt what you are looking at. The colors that were chosen were colors that would only compliment that.”

Instead of walls, the two-floors of The View are flooded with light from the enormous windows, which frame the nautical landscape. “You look out the window and you see two light houses, three historical forts, a beautiful harbor, the Piscatiqua River, Chauncey Creek and, then, the open sea,” Donna enthuses. “When you’re in the space, you feel like you’re on the bow of a boat.”

The View event space is a part of a bigger endeavor, complete with an outdoor restaurant, ice-cream window, general store, and a bistro. “Our goal is to bring back a community that spent decades here gathering and celebrating,” says Donna. The five partners are doing this the best way they know how to: over food.

The View chef and co-owner Eides Ares, who grew up on an organic farm in Brazil, prepares a personalized menu for clients crafted from foods that are important to them. “Eides is naturally gifted,” Donna says with a smile. From Venezuelan traditional dishes to scallops to vegan meals, the team works one-on-one with clients at The View to help them choose their menu. They’ve even added a brunch menu for morning weekend ceremonies. “We are all about the food,” says Donna. “It is a way of bringing families together.”

Since opening in May, The View has held nearly 50 events, a whirlwind schedule for such a short timeframe. “Everyone’s tired right now, but what’s quite remarkable — how we keep refueling ourselves — is that we absolutely love making memories for people and being part of those memories,” Donna says earnestly. “This view has been here for years. We are stewards — it’s our job to maintain this area. We believe everyone should have access to it.”


Written by Emma Kemp
Emma is a freelance writer at Seacoast Weddings. She is studying writing at Smith College. In her free time, she enjoys playing frisbee on the beach, cafe hopping and reading a good book.