Vacationland Venture: A True Maine Wedding

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There is a beautiful plurality to the state of Maine that has attracted travelers for decades, commemorated in the state’s nickname “Vacationland.” On the one hand, there are hundreds of miles of farmland giving birth to potatoes, blueberries and corn. Elsewhere, there are luscious forests that harbor swaying birch trees and fragrant pine trees, intersected by burbling rivers and streams. Travel farther east and there are exquisite coast lines marked with fishermen’s boats, jagged cliff lines, and cawing gulls. Maine’s beauty and multifaceted landscapes always seem to leave travelers enthralled, allowing them to slow down the fast pace of the every-day and allowing them to soak in and be rejuvenated by the state’s natural charm.

The beauty of the crashing ocean waves, the scrumptious solitude of the woodlands, and the nourishing farmland are all brought together at Tops’l Farm, located in Waldoboro, ME. With the ocean nearby, a cascading tidal river and marshland, and a hilltop scattered with sweet wild Maine blueberries, Tops’l captures a sliver from all of Maine’s distinctions. Seacoast Weddings spoke with Sarah Pike, co-owner of the farm which she and her husband Josh bought in 2016 in the midst of a legendary Maine blizzard. Ever since, they’ve been restoring, plotting, constructing, antiquing and breathing new life into the 83-acre farm.

Their vision has given way to a camp and farm retreat complete with “glamping” (glamorous camping, that is.), A-frame cabins, a yurt (which often holds yoga classes and game nights), and a picturesque farmhouse. Since first opening in 2016, Tops’l Farm has hosted yoga retreats, corporate events, and family get-togethers. Amidst the constant rotation of campers and scheduled between the “family” and “adult” camps, are idyllic weddings, hosted at the farm’s laid-back and tranquil tempo. “Having a space where 50-plus people can connect and spread out over space and time can be really nice. It’s not a 200 person hotel — it’s an intimate, casual gathering,” says Sarah.

Sarah has seen firsthand how time spent in Vacationland washes away the stress of her guests. “People come in with tense shoulders from the traffic and wedding planning, but they leave with a smile and a piece of straw hanging out of their mouths,” she says with a laugh. “The therapeutic benefits are things we really believe in: exploring and doing a lot of nothing. We want to share that with others.”

When Sarah and Josh acquired the farm, which had been run by the Magee family since 1938, they knew it was important to hold onto the farm’s roots. “It became clear that we were taking the reigns of a place that had a history of those who came before us,” Sarah said. Part of that history is found in the farm’s name. Tops’l is a reference to a type of sail (the topsail) used when you want a sailboat to have more power, so named because of the Magee family’s love for sailing. Although not sailors themselves, the Pikes have embraced the farm’s legacy and history, even sending her two young boys to a sailing camp this past summer. “So much is about preserving what was there, but also making it a place for families to relax and enjoy the space together,” she says.

The magnificence and adventures waiting in the state of Maine — and at Tops’l Farm — are endless, providing a backdrop for you to schmooze, explore, and reconnect. “I wanted to make Tops’l very unfussy, streamlined and simple, but elegant and modern so that people can come and bring their own personalities,” explains Sarah. “It’s about what vision people bring in themselves — it’s a space where people can meet, explore and feel comfortable.”

Photography: Move Mountains Co. and Nina Gallant
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Written by Emma Kemp
Emma is an intern at Seacoast Weddings. She is studying writing at Smith College. In her free time, she enjoys playing frisbee on the beach, cafe hopping and reading a good book.