I’m Sweet on You: Lip-Smacking Wedding Dessert Trends

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A sugary dessert is an integral part of every wedding; a hit of sugar gives people the energy to boogie on the dance floor. We’ve heard of treats ranging from cakes to cupcakes to crullers. Seacoast Weddings Magazine panelist member Jennifer Williamson from Jenny’s Wedding Cakes shared her insights on the most mouth-watering dessert trends. We talked wedding dessert trends, amping up frosting decor, and the importance of a fully stocked cupcake table.

The semi-naked cake, a popular wedding trend of late, is equal parts tasty and work of art. Semi-naked cakes are covered in a thin layer of frosting that allows for the cake underneath to hint through. Jenny explains that this style of cake is especially fitting for weddings with natural, rustic and vintage moods.

Experimenting with different trends and styles is fun and infuses your dessert table with charisma, but the classic, white-frosting cake is a staple that will be in vogue eternally. Just because the white wedding cake is a traditional choice doesn’t mean it is a predictable one. Jenny is a wedding-cake expert whose had her fair share of white cakes; she knows how to give it a personal flair. One way she dresses up a classic cake is to decorate it with sugar flowers. “I like very sleek, plain cakes that are executed very well,” Jenny explains. “White on white with more details.”

Maybe you want your wedding treats to have more of a pop! Infuse your desserts with pizzazz by decorating them with edible gold or silver leaf — yes, you read that right, we’re talking real gold and silver! Both are made in extremely thin sheets (“The gold is more expensive than the silver,” warns Jenny) which are then applied onto the cake. Says Jenny, “Both gold and silver can be done together. They fit into everything.” She notes how the silver leaf is popular with art-deco weddings, which have been growing in popularity as of late. As for the edible gold, “it can be done in a modern application or a formal application,” Jenny says. Whatever the look you’re after, silver leaf and edible gold will add an extra flair that will almost make your dessert too beautiful to eat … almost!

Cakes aren’t your style? No problem! Jenny also notes the option of the dessert table loaded, perhaps, with sugary cupcakes, quaint small cakes, or zesty muffins. Jenny’s recommendation: Keep the table well stocked. “I like to see [desserts] filling up a table so it gives you a feeling of abundance,” she says. “If you’re going to do cupcakes, do a whole bunch of them.”

All we have to say about the matter: Don’t forget to brush your teeth!


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