Wedding Planning Q & A

fun ideas for groomsmen socks

Q: How can a little flair be added with accessories?

A: “Some grooms are adding pizzazz with loud socks in solids or argyles with pinks, oranges, purples, and reds, often pulling in the bride’s colors,” says Elizabeth Dirom. “Then, we offer a couple of polka-dot cummerbunds that are fun. You also can personalize your look with cuff links that have everything from anchors to superheroes on them. I’ve even seen a groom and his groomsmen wear Chuck Taylors with their tuxedos!”

According to Christian Pendergraft, there’s a time and a place for wearing sunglasses, and it’s not during the formal photos of the entire wedding party. “If the guys want to pull out their Oakleys and clown it up for a groomsmen shot, that’s great—just don’t botch up the photos with the bride,” he says. On the other hand, Dirom likes the idea of sunglasses as a fun groomsmens’ gift, to be given in time for the guys’ group photos.

Q: What’s the current advice on maintaining facial hair for the big event?

A: “Beards are kind of the new little hipster trend,” notes Pendergraft. “There’s a whole realm of beards out there. As long as facial hair is trimmed, it’s a good look. If you’re usually clean-shaven, though, by all means stay with what you’re comfortable with. I think so many things are out of the guy’s hands that day that facial hair and grooming are two things they can control, so they take a little more interest than they normally might.”

Photography: Kate Preftakes Photography