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Here in New England, we know not to depend on the weather—especially when planning for your wedding. We rely on tents to protect us from sun, rain and wind in the case that, God forbid, a wedding be interrupted by the elements. The classic white tent has always been a favorite but at Seacoast Weddings Magazine headquarters, we are intrigued by the use of color in wedding tents to add a unique flair. This can be done in two ways: with a tent in a colorful shade or by incorporating colorful decor throughout a white tent. We talked to Kara Marshall of Marshall Rental Center to seek her professional opinion on the matter.

When deciding on a tent, Kara emphasized the importance of considering the natural setting—Is it a coastal setting? Is it rustic? Cohesion between a tent and its backdrop is crucial. If you are thinking about using a colorful tent, consider how the color will look with the scene—will it blend in or will it be obtrusive?

Another integral part of the tent planning process is to evaluate the mood that your celebration is conveying. A tent can help to capture that mood or can fight against it. Tents are the foundation that house the entire celebration—both tent color and style must be assessed. The traditional white tent creates a bright, airy and clean energy, while darker-colored tents evoke a romantic and cozy mood. If you decide on a tent in a darker hue, Kara stresses amping up the light throughout the tent so it doesn’t become too moody. “The idea of a candlelit culinary experience with an emphasis on an intimate multi-course dinner and minimal accents is so refreshingly different for Maine,” says Kara. Marshall Rental Center offers both classic white and colorful tents.

If you decide to use a colored tent in your wedding celebration, Kara cautions you to be sparing with other decorations. “Because the colored tent is such a statement choice, I would pick one other decor aspect and then keep everything else minimal,” Kara says. “Sometimes too many statement decor selections can overstimulate the tent and make it harder to capture and appreciate all of the details both inside and out.”

Using a tent in a colorful pattern isn’t the only option for adding color to your wedding tent. Kara proposes a white tent accented with colorful decorations. “Statement florals, lighting (both up-lighting and hanging installations), color tablecloths, hanging decor and rugs are great ways to incorporate color into a tent,” says Kara.

When planning for your wedding celebration, don’t undermine the importance of a good tent to house the festivities. “A tent isn’t just shelter, but houses the entire wedding celebration,” says Kara. “It comes alive when your guests gather underneath to eat, drink, and be merry in celebration.”

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