Choosing The Right Photographer To Tell Your Story

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choose the right photographer to capture intimate moments
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Hello and welcome! It’s lovely to “meet” you here in this corner of the web. I’m Alanna, a seacoast wedding and couples photographer serving New Hampshire, Maine and beyond. I’m passionate about love stories and the beautiful celebration of a lifelong commitment. My clients trust me to tell their unique love story, with all its perfect imperfections, and they value moments over portraits—the honest, the joyful, the intimate. These moments are what I live for, what inspire me, as a wedding photographer.

My advice for brides and grooms to be: if moments matter more to you than formal portraits and typical wedding day shot lists, I would encourage you to think about your vision for your wedding day and the role you want your photographer to play. Wedding photography is a serious investment, and it can be daunting selecting a photographer out of a sea of talented artists. The artist you do choose will be with you more than anyone else on that day, so it’s important to invest in someone who you could imagine working with—even someone who you could see yourself becoming friends with.

One way to do this? When selecting a photographer, find out if they offer an engagement session within their wedding day collection or package. Not only does the engagement session give you and your photographer the time to play and have fun – it also creates a connection and level of trust that leads to a more comfortable experience in front of the camera, and incredible images as a result. It’s why I like to offer my couples a complimentary engagement session as a little wedding gift, and more importantly, to get to know them.

Prior to the engagement session, provide your photographer with details about your love story, your favorite things to do together, and the tone of your relationship (they may already have a list with these kinds of questions.) Meet them for coffee to chat before deciding to hire them. Making this kind of connection in turn makes the wedding day that much smoother, having already worked together during the engagement session and gotten to know each other well. It sets the tone for a friendship that may continue well beyond your wedding day.

Thanks for joining me!

With love,

Alanna Hogan Photography

I like to say that my dream clients are free spirits in love and adventurers at heart. They’re the kind of couple that doesn’t mind hiking up mountains or playing in the sand with windswept hair and bare feet. With a long love for photography and a degree in business, I began working with one of the Seacoast’s top wedding planners upon graduating college, and soon after set out on my own venture, Alanna Hogan Photography. Feel free to wander over to my website or social media accounts and lose yourself in love. It’s a beautiful place to get lost.

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