Solo? No Problemo! Walk Yourself Down the Aisle

bride walking down the aisle by herself instead of being given away traditionally

Ever wonder how being “given away” became a thing? Me too. The age old tradition of a bride’s father walking her down the aisle on her wedding day has been pushed to the side by some wives-to-be. More and more brides are choosing to give themselves away, but why?It’s no secret that over time, especially over the past few years, that women have truly embraced their independence and empowerment; perhaps this has crossed over into their wedding days.

Considering the tradition stems from a man’s daughter being his property, it simply doesn’t fit in every 21st century bride’s plan for her wedding day. Family roles are evolving with the times, and this is a prime example of such changes. While many fathers view this as a meaningful moment, the foregoing of it doesn’t ruin the whole sentiment of the ceremony.

So, here comes the question: who’s going to open the doors for you if you don’t have a walking partner? To fix this problem, have a close relative or friend stay back with you until the very last moment to act as a door-opener, train fanner, and perhaps most importantly, a supporter!

Walking yourself down the aisle can be very empowering for a bride. However, getting walked by your father or whoever you choose doesn’t necessarily mean you believe you’re someone’s property. It’s your day, so do whatever makes you happy!

But, if you do choose to walk solo, own it!

Photographer: Eric McCallister Photography

Jess Vogel

Jess is a short-term intern at Seacoast Weddings. She is a freshman at Roger Williams University studying in their Communication and Media program.