More Color, More Fun! Add More than White to Your Wedding Recipe!

wild red and blue bouquet with matching dress

Over the years, the wedding recipe has become perfected: white dress+black suit+perfect 3 tiered cake=wedding! The question is, where did all these ingredients come from?

Rumored to stem from Queen Victoria’s 1840 union to Prince Albert, to which she wore a white dress, the tradition has become perhaps the most recognizable ingredient of the wedding recipe. However while we have traditions, there are really no rules! Your wedding day is all about you, and expressing the tastes of you and your spouse. So add any new ingredients you want to!

Using this train of thought, more recently, brides have been straying from the norm and have begun to express themselves through the color of their wedding dresses. They say your wedding dress is the most important dress you’ll ever wear, so why not have it show off your style? Some brides have been rocking all colors of the rainbow, florals, metallics, or even just accents of color to their nuptials, and they’re rocking it!

White is a beautiful color for a dress, but don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and really go for it if you want to change up your own wedding recipe. Whether your dress color selection has to do with your personal history, family culture, or your personality, the most important thing about your dress is that you feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day!

Photography: Jamie Mercurio
Planner: Emily Elizabeth Events
Flowers: Pretty Flowers Maine

Jess Vogel

Jess is a short-term intern at Seacoast Weddings. She is a freshman at Roger Williams University studying in their Communication and Media program.