Wedding Wisdom

vibrant wedding invitations for a maine wedding


This is arguably one of the most important pieces to include in your stationery suite. “It’s a lot of work being a guest at a wedding!” Courtney Daniel laughs. “You need to show your gratitude for the fact that they took the time to show up and buy you a gift.” But guess what? Thank-you cards don’t actually have to say “thank you” on them. In fact, Braley recommends sticking with elements from your theme and that’s it, so you can use them again and again well after your photo album has been printed.


Online RSVPs are not the biggest cost-saver. Reply cards give you an opportunity to experience the same excitement your guests had when they opened your wedding invitation; don’t you want to get in on that fun, too? Not to mention, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many people include funny notes or thoughtful wishes on their responses.