The Real-Time Bride’s Guide

wedding dress try on in store while shopping

Your Inside Look At A Real Bride’s Planning Process

My favorite part of the wedding process so far was not just looking for my dream dress but the experience of finding it. It became a weekend event as we planned to go to three different places. We started in a local shop whose staff was very helpful, but I couldn’t find dresses in my size. The next stop and my least favorite was a chain bridal store. It was over crowded, their staff was rude, and the selection did not match what they had online. I was so disappointed; I wanted that moment, the one when you get butterflies from trying on your dress. Our last stop was to Madeleine’s Daughter in Portsmouth. Ashley, our consultant, took my style into consideration and pulled out five stunning dresses. After the first dress I tried on, I knew. It was so perfect for me! I found my dream dress while making great memories with my favorite girls and my moms. Madeline’s Daughter gave me the wedding dress experience I was looking for. I can’t wait for you too to have your wedding dress moment.