Wedding Planning Q & A

wedding dessert table

Q: Do we have to…?

A: It’s your day to celebrate. There are no “have to’s” or “shoulds,” says Kate Malloy. Do what’s meaningful to you and don’t be afraid to break your tradition. Malloy’s fiancé, Chris, initially wanted to abide by tradition and not see her on their wedding day until the ceremony. Brian Adams, their wedding photographer, talked him in to doing a first look. “It was the best thing we did,” Malloy says. “It gave us the breather we needed.” Accustomed to working alongside Chris daily, Malloy also decided to check in with him before the ceremony. “It’s really just the two of you so do what works for you,” she adds.

However you plan to celebrate your wedding day, be sure to add personal touches that create an event that is both memorable and uniquely yours.

Q: Can we donate anything after the wedding?

A: With a little foresight, perishable items like food and flowers can bring smiles after your big day. Weber suggests asking caterers to drop off bread, salads, vegetables, and other food to shelters and soup kitchens. “These places do amazing things with leftovers,” she says. And hospitals and nursing homes are always happy to get floral arrangements – they add a bright spot of color for residents to enjoy. If you want to donate your wedding dress, Bouchard suggests sending it to Angel Gowns (, a group that takes the dress fabric and creates tiny gowns for babies who don’t make it home from the hospital.


Photography: Emilie Inc.