Put A Pin In It: Using Pinterest to Plan Your Perfect Wedding


Pinterest can be great for bringing your wedding vision to life. It can inform your vendors of what you want, it can keep track of your ideas, you can even buy things you like directly from the site. However, Pinterest can also be incredibly overwhelming. We at Seacoast Weddings want to offer our Pinterest wisdom to you and help you achieve your perfect day.

For starters, before planning the little details of your wedding— like decals for seating arrangement cards and flower bouquets— figure out the bigger picture. Set your budget, figure out where you are having the ceremony and reception and determine the size of your wedding. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with the small things too early on in the planning process.

Create “secret” boards on Pinterest, making your boards accessible only to you. This prevents your guests from having a sneak-peek into your wedding plans. You can grant others access to your secret boards, like vendors or people who are involved in the planning process.

Make multiple boards for each specific aspect of your wedding. Don’t put all of your ideas under one generic “Wedding” board. Instead, create individual boards for flower arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, bridal beauty etc. This will help to keep you organized as you plan and will make it easier for each specific vendor to see what you expect from them.

As you pin, write comments about what strikes you in the photo. This will help to reminder in the future and will also help you communicate ideas with your vendors.

Don’t just research under “weddings”! Look to a plethora of sources to inspire you. Travel blogs, fashion magazines, foodie posts and garden photos can spur ideas for your wedding. Be creative!

 Don’t let Pinterest stunt your creativity! Using your own ideas can often be more unique. Refrain from getting trapped by Pinterest trends.

Emma Kemp
Emma is a summer intern at Seacoast Weddings. She is studying writing at Smith College. In her free time, she enjoys playing frisbee on the beach, cafe hopping and reading a good book.