Wedding Planning Q & A

bride and groom hug on the water

Q: What should I include in my wedding day schedule?

A: Your celebration should include time to simply appreciate the moment. Kate Malloy of Malloy Events in Rye, NH, know this firsthand: she’s a wedding planner who recently planned her own nuptials to another event planner, Chris Malloy. “Everyone says it but it’s true – pause a moment in your day to appreciate the significance of getting married,” she says. Talk to your photographer and event planner (if you have one). Build a few minutes into your schedule, maybe in the morning before the ceremony or during your rehearsal dinner and make it a priority to acknowledge each other and what you’re doing. Malloy was all too conscious of how quickly time would pass on her wedding day. “I remember thinking during our rehearsal dinner ‘Oh my God, we’re getting married tomorrow’,” Malloy says.

Q: What’s the most important thing to remember about planning my wedding?

A: Be flexible! “Don’t be afraid to change your schedule,” says Kate Malloy. “Wedding planners live by schedules, but I learned planning my own wedding not to worry about last-minute changes.” Malloy had her wedding day mapped out; when her photographer asked moments before the outdoor ceremony to relocate it to accommodate lighting and scenery, Malloy agreed. “I had to shift gears and do what worked,” she says.


Photography: Brian Adams