Wedding Tips & Trends

bride in the back of a vintage car after ceremony

Happy Tips & Trends Tuesday! The photo featured was taken by Eric McCallister Photography.

Trend: A Close Relationship With Your Wedding Photographer

Great photos come from open conversations between you and your wedding photographer, resulting in evocative, authentic photos. “You definitely get better photos,” says Delamater. “I like it when couples come to me with suggestions about the shots they want.” Trust your instincts and choose a photographer you like since you’ll be spending most of the day with her.

Tip: Invest In a Photo Album

You’ve invested money in a good wedding photographer so consider investing in a photo album rather than just posting images on Facebook or Instagram. “The art of the album is getting lost to social media,” says Christian Pendergraft of Christian Pendergraft Photography in Portsmouth, NH. “People think they’re saving money by printing out their own photos but a heirloom album is going to look a lot different than one created using an online source.” Thumbing through a photo album – or holding a framed photo – is tangible. “There are so many beautiful books and they have a completely different feel than looking at a screen,” says Emily Delamater of Emily Delamater Photography, Portland, ME. “Holding a book in your hand takes you back to your wedding.”

Trend: The Full-Length Veil

Full-length blusher veils are romantic. “I love the romance of a blush veil worn over your face as you walk down the aisle,” says Renee Habashy of Madeleine’s Daughter. “Whether you want the moment of lifting the blusher up or not, it’s breathtaking when guests see you for the first time.”