Wedding Tips & Trends


Happy Tips & Trends Tuesday! The photo featured was taken by Mon Petit Studio.

Trend: Collaborative, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Weddings

Couples want to personalize their weddings by doing some of the work themselves and work hand-in-hand with professionals to get it done right. “They still view us as the experts,” says Renee Habashy, assistant sore manager of Madeleine’s Daughter in Portsmouth, NH. “But they want a say in how the wedding looks.” DIY takes time, however, so make sure you have enough to complete these projects, adds Emily Hricko of Emily Elizabeth Events in Portland, ME. “People think ‘I can do this’ but for most this isn’t realistic.” Working hand-in-hand with your vendor may be the best of both worlds: you can discuss ideas and share the work.

Tip: Photograph Your Wedding Invitation

A lot of effort goes into choosing the right wedding invitations so why not have them photographed along with the rest of your celebration? “It’s not really a treat,” says Samantha Finigan, owner of Gus & Ruby Letterpress in Portsmouth, NH. “We send clean packets of invitations to photographers before the wedding so they have a nice, clean package to photograph.” Best of all: you have a permanent record of your invitations.

Trend: “He/She/We” Cards

Gus & Ruby Letterpress offers unique “he/she/we” cards, written by the bride and groom, as a fun way to share facts about the happy couple. Printer or written by hand, the cards are placed on tables at the reception and elsewhere to help guests get to know couples. “It’s a fun conversation starts,” says Finigan.