The Real-Time Bride’s Guide

Harry potter themed wedding invitations

Your Inside Look at a Real Bride’s Planning Process


I felt bombarded with questions from friends and family about my coming wedding— Who was catering? Where were we having the ceremony? How many people were coming?—until I was asked what colors and theme we were planning on. You can have a theme? Really? Sign me up! I was excited. It was important to me to chose something unique, something that would make our wedding true to who we are. For a book nerd like me, I knew the perfect theme for our wedding… Harry Potter! To make my whimsical vision come to life, I decided to use a jewel tone color palette with colors like burgundy, navy blue, dark teal and plum purple. Having a color palette gives us more to work with and breathes energy into the wedding decorations. Are you stumped on what colors to use for your wedding?