Wedding Tips & Trends


Happy Tips & Trends Tuesday! The photo featured was taken by I Am Sarah V. Photography.

Tip: Transform An Ordinary Space

“One of the most amazing weddings I ever saw was a hotel ballroom transformed into a French flower market, with potted plants and trees and buckets and buckets of flowers,” says Jennifer Williamson of Jenny’s Wedding Cakes in Amesbury, MA. The same is true of outdoor spaces, which can be transformed by adding elements like rustic furniture, additional shrubs, trees and lighting.

Trend: Save Money – Buy (Or Sell) A Canceled Wedding

Each year, about 270,000 U.S. couples cancel their weddings. How can you recoup your costs? Websites like allow registered users to buy or sell discounted weddings and honeymoons. These websites are online marketplaces at deep discounts. Whether you’re trying to salvage wedding costs or considering ways to save on wedding expenses, this could be a perfect solution.

Tip: How To Tie A Tie

Putting on a boutonniere, tying a tie, folding a pocket square – finishing touches make a difference. Here are six steps to tying a Windsor knot, one of the most common tie knots: 1. Place the tie’s wide tail over its thin tail. 2. Bring the wide tail behind the thin tail and down through the loop near your neck. The wide tail should now be on your right side. 3. Bring the wide tail through the loop, behind the knot. The wide tail should be inside out. 4. While your finger is placed over the knot, move the wide tail over the knot and back up the loop again. 5. Bring the wide tail back through the loop your finger created in the center of the knot. 6. Tighten the knot using both hands and draw it up to the collar.