The Real-Time Bride’s Guide


Your Inside Look at a Real Bride’s Planning Process

Now that we had a set budget the next thing to tackle was the guest list. I started here because I needed to know the total number of guests before finding a venue. It is important to me that our venue accommodates everyone on our list, so finalizing this number was a good starting point. I’m not going to lie this part was a headache! Make sure you have some wine handy. Who comes? Who gets to bring a date? Is this a family reunion? Do I even know them? My biggest advice is to take control early on, set guidelines and stick to them. I started with, have I talked to this person in the last year? Maybe they don’t need to come? We limited the number of plus ones and and gave our parents a cap on how many friends of theirs they could invite. It is your wedding. There are no rules! Remember that!