Bringing Elegance to Beach Weddings


By Kathryn Porritt, owner of Bridal Style Inc.

Deciding to host your wedding at the beach doesn’t automatically mean you need a nautical or seaside theme filled with starfish and seashells. Instead, we’re seeing a gorgeous twist towards boho style and vintage elegance at the beach, meaning that the more traditional beach weddings are being given a romantic makeover.

The Latest Wedding Palettes

The latest wedding themes have a muted undertone, embellished with vintage elegance and a twist of boho romance. Popping fuchsia over muted creams. Hot coral over a soft mint green. Metallic rose gold over soft dove gray. The tones for weddings in recent years are evolving to a softer and romantic elegance. Having a feminine neutral undertone and a brighter overtone means you’re creating a pretty palette that will easily work through all of your wedding day selections from wedding decorations and linens, to bridesmaid dresses and wedding flowers.

Perfect for beach weddings, the latest wedding palettes means you no longer need to think traditional beach colors of navy and yellow. Some of the most beautiful beach weddings we’re seeing right now, bring those vintage tones right to the beach. Go on, blush and rose gold looks amazing next to the ocean and sand!

Photo credit: Bridal Style, Inc.

Bring Romance to Your Beach Wedding Accessories

Beach wedding accessories have evolved over the past year, bringing vintage inspired boho chic softness to destination wedding and beach ceremonies everywhere. Brides walking down the aisle at the beach are wearing romantically styled embellished bridal belts, wedding halos and softly adorned bridal combs without a hint of a starfish in sight.

Embellished bridal belts are having a big moment right now – the perfect touch to add styled chic to a plain beach wedding dress. Gorgeous beach brides are adding an embellished bridal sash that sits around their waist like a belt would, bringing vintage and boho style to the bridal gown. Adding that hint of sparkle at the waist in the tones of your wedding palette is a new wedding trend for the beach we just adore.

Photo credit: Bridal Style, Inc.

Bringing Boho Style to Beach Wedding Hair

Boho and beach are a classic combination that sit perfectly together, and the most romantic of wedding hair accessories to add a touch of bohemian style to any beach bride’s look are embellished bridal halos and bridal combs – the perfect wedding accessories for the stylish beach bride. For the bride who wants to add embellishment to a romantically loose bridal hairstyle, and capture the spirit of bohemian wanderlust, a halo of embellished crystals and pearls studded with some fresh flowers adds a romantic touch that can sit over a veil, or be worn instead of a traditional bridal veil. The most beautiful wedding style for a beach bride.

Photo credit: Bridal Style, Inc.

The New Beach Wedding

We just adore the trends in beach and destination weddings to throw out traditional beach themes and add romance to wedding gowns, accessories, decorations and styling. New beach brides are choosing the muted undertones of wedding accessories in blush, pearl, cream, rose gold and ivory suit the latest trends in beach wedding gowns and seaside wedding themes, such as wanderlust, vintage, country, antique and boho. A twist on the classic, and oh so beautiful.

Photo credit: Bridal Style, Inc.

Kathryn Porritt
Bridal Style, Inc.

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