How to Create a Peaceful and Creative Home While Planning a Wedding


By Amy Dutton, owner of amy dutton Home

Do you go to bed thinking about your wedding? Do you wake thinking about your wedding? Do you talk to your fiancé about your wedding and forget to talk about anything else? Now, all of this is reasonable for a bride-to- be but I would also like to introduce another option.

How about carving out yourself a specific space that allows for the Wedding Planning, thinking, dreaming and discussing as well as a space that you can be the couple that you really are together. All too quickly, the wedding is over and life begins, it’s good to have a routine of making space for each other (before kids come!).

My suggestion about these spaces:

1) Your Wedding Planning Space: should be in a functional part of your home where optimum organization can be controlled. This…is probably not in the living room. Criteria for the space:

  • It is in a space that has a large bulletin board, stacking files and file drawers.
  • Allow this space to be messy & inspiring as well as organized.
  • You will want the space to “stage” ideas that you have as well as space to address invitations, seating charts etc. without having to always move it.
  • I encourage you to not let this space take over your world and home, simply stay true to organization.

2) Your Couple Space: should be an honest collaboration between you and your fiancée in the most comfortable part of your home. This is your “wedding free” zone. It is the space where you two get to talk, cuddle, dream about your future – void of parents, friends and financial pressures. Enjoy a movie, dinner, music, games or anything that you two bond over. Remember why you fell in love and nurture this.

  • Speaking from a mother of three children, you will never get this time back. And once those lovely cherubs arrive, you will need a way to reconnect with each other daily with the pressures of being a young parent.

Why is all of this important? One of the overall concepts that I encourage people to find is BALANCE. It is very hard to find balance under the stress of planning a wedding. So I encourage you to consider registering with amy dutton Home for Unique & Original Products perfect for you to create a comfortable home.

Planning a wedding is a lot like planning a home. Both are intense. Both take an immense amount of time and organization. Both take communication, creativity and vision. Both are very focused on budget.

We want to work with you to help make YOUR dream home a reality.

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