Alumni Weddings at UNH


YOUR WEDDING DAY: Yes, it deserves the infamous “ALL CAPS” treatment because it’s a pretty big deal. If all goes well – and we’re certain it will – it’s the only wedding day you’ll have. That said, you obviously want everything to be just right. Check that – you want everything to be legendary!

You want great wedding-day memories, and you want everyone in attendance to have great memories of your wedding day. And if you’re going for great memories, what better way to go full circle than to have your wedding at your alma mater?

If you and your spouse-to-be first met and started the first phase of your lives together here at UNH in Durham, why not start the next – and most important – phase of your lives together here, too? Makes a ton of sense.

NH catering service

Even if you and your significant other didn’t meet at UNH, if it’s a place that’s special to one of you, University Conferences and Catering can provide everything you’re looking for, everything you’ll need to make those legendary memories.

Whether you have your eyes on a summer wedding, spring wedding, fall wedding, or a winter wedding, we’ve got more than 25 years of catering and wedding planning experience in New Hampshire and around New England. And as you remember, we’ve got a variety of beautiful settings in modern and historic venues for the ceremony, the reception, or both.

Top 5 Reasons to have a UNH wedding

Here are the Top 5 reasons why alums should choose University Conferences and Catering, and the UNH campus, for their weddings (and no, our list doesn’t include all the great flashbacks and memories!):

  1. Our chefs rock: The University Conferences and Catering chefs can prepare anything under the sun, from gourmet to classic dishes, vegan and vegetarian, and they do so with great pride and artistry.
  2. Customize your own wedding package: We’ll work with you to create a custom wedding package and satisfy everyone dining at your wedding reception. Ask your wedding planner about scheduling a tasting with our talented, world-class culinary staff. They’ve been trained at the world’s finest schools and restaurants.
  3. Tasteful, perfectly appointed NH wedding venues: The Huddleston Hall Ballroom, and the Full Piscataqua Room in Holloway Commons are two of our most popular wedding destinations.
  4. Capacity to host up to 250 guests: Go ahead, invite everyone!
  5. The surrounding Seacoast region: Depending on what season your wedding is, there are miles of beaches, countless mountains for skiing and snowboarding, golf, outlet shopping, downtown Portsmouth, NH… your biggest challenge will be finding time to do it all.

NH wedding planners

You’ll be assigned a personal wedding planner who is trained and experienced in providing you with the service and experience you deserve and expect. They know exactly what makes a UNH wedding memorable, and make no mistake, you’ll have some fun along the way.

We get a lot of alums coming back to have their wedding here on the University of New Hampshire campus and we’d love for you to be the next. Contact one of our wedding planners today and let’s get the conversation started!


Photos courtesy of University Conferences and Catering