Winter Weddings

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Six Reasons Winter is the Perfect Wedding Season

If you’re like most New England brides, you’re thinking of getting married in June. It’s the most popular month to be married, followed by August, September, and October. But why should summer and fall receive all the attention?

There’s a lot to love about a winter wedding. There’s less competition for venues and guests’ schedules are more flexible. Plus, New England winters offer a romantic backdrop, from frozen lakes to snowy peaks, for all kinds of weddings. “People are so maxed out with summer and fall weddings,” says wedding photographer Geneve Hoffman of Geneve Hoffman Photography. “We should really embrace winter.”

Read on for six reasons why winter is the perfect wedding season.

Photo credit: Eric McCallister Photography
1. Winter weddings are unique

Everyone wants their wedding to be different. Winter weddings are unique! How many of your friends have had one?

After the holidays, you can save money on venues, including hotels, because it’s off-season. A lot of venues are already decorated from the holidays so details like garlands and candles may already be in place and you can save on decorations as well.

Prepare for the weather. Keep your guest list small and invite more people who live locally so they don’t have to travel far for the festivities. If it snows on your wedding day, add 10-15 minutes to your travel schedule to and from your ceremony, if it’s somewhere different than the reception.

NICOLE MOWER, Nicole Mower Weddings & Events
Dover, NH |
Photo credit: Eric McCallister Photography
2. The weather becomes part of your story

The weather, good or bad, becomes part of your story, so have fun with it. In fact, it’s those unpredictable moments that become the best stories of your day. I always talk to brides and grooms about appropriate dress and accessories so, when you’re outside in the weather, you’re prepared.

If you want outdoor winter shots, have a first look. The natural light is gone by 4 pm so have your photos taken earlier for an afternoon or evening wedding, then party the night away.

GENEVE HOFFMAN, Geneve Hoffman Photography
York, ME |
Photo credit: Kim Chapman Photography
3. There are no rules about what to wear, even if it’s cold outside

There are no rules about what to wear. You can go strapless, wear lace, a sheath, it doesn’t matter. Everyone worries about being cold in winter but most likely you’ll be nervous as your day begins and be really warm. You can wear a shawl, a shrug or even your husband’s jacket at different points during the day. Add a cute cape or a pashmina shawl. There are great cover-ups and colors you only find during winter.

There are no rules about color, either. You can use jewel tones in a dress or suit and shirt and make the look luxurious. A deep, rich red is great, accented by whites or creams, black, silver or gold; or deep plum accented with gold and hints of emerald green. Deep navy is great for grooms; you can add silver or deep gray or platinum to make it feel rich. Gorgeous fabrics like silk and velvet are great for winter weddings, too.

Shop during the fall to find long gowns in gorgeous colors at great prices. We need to make room starting in October for next year’s dresses. You can buy a great dress off the rack then have it altered to fit you.

MALINDA MACARI, Dream: A Bridal Boutique
Sudbury, MA |
Photo credit: Kate McElwee Photography ; Flowers by Watershed Floral
4. Any flower (and any color) goes

You don’t have to go with icy colors during winter; you can have a beautiful wedding with any color. I really like citrus colors – oranges, grapefruits, yellows – for winter weddings.

Lots of flowers are available year-round now. Roses are always in season; so are irises, freesia, snap dragons, and tulips. A lot of spring flowers like daffodils and hyacinths are available during January, February, and March. The prices of some flowers are also really good in the winter. But Valentine’s Day is NOT a good time for florists to do weddings. We’re really busy and our material costs are triple what they are normally. You’ll get better floral prices in early January, late February and in March.

MICHELLE ROSE, Minka Fine Flowers
Kennebunkport, ME |
Photo credit: Chris Keeley Weddings
5. Venues give you more personalized attention

We tend to host smaller weddings in winter, in our East Lounge. It’s ideal for a cocktail-style reception, with floor-to-ceiling windows that give it a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Because we’re a restaurant in a summer tourist destination, we have a high and low season. We’re slower during winter so it’s easier for us to focus on wedding parties.

LYNN SICONOLFI, Martingale Wharf
Portsmouth, NH |
Photo credit: Erika Follansbee Photography; Cake by Jake’s Cakes
6. Food can be fun

I think summer is overrated! I love winter – the food is more fun and interesting. People want comfort food or fun, late night snacks – grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, a mashed potato bar with different toppings. We’ve even done soup stations. Action stations work well in nontraditional venues, like a barn. You can incorporate a variety of foods and have several stations to choose from; plus the food stays warm while it’s being plated.

REUBEN BELL, Blue Elephant Events & Catering
Saco, ME |

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