The ‘No-Makeup’ Bride


By Nancy Gorman, owner of Makeup by Nancy

When it comes to wedding makeup trends, brides often feel like they have to do there makeup look depending on what the current trend is. Whether it be a red lip, a smoky eye or extreme contour and highlight, all these looks when done right can be absolutely stunning. But before you go to your makeup consult saying that this is what you want, ask yourself the following… does the current makeup trend work for you and are you sure you want to look this trendy in all your wedding photos?

Just because the makeup artists of the stars puts actress’ and performers at the front and center with a current makeup trend such as Kim Kardashian’s super highlight and contour (applying bronzer and highlighter to bring out your cheekbones) or Taylor Swifts perfect red lip, it doesn’t mean that look would be perfect for you. For instance, with your wedding makeup, keeping it light and subtle helps keep you looking like yourself so that 10 years down the road you have no regrets with how beautiful you looked in your wedding photos because you looked like yourself!

Believe it or not, there’s a “no makeup” trend that’s out there, too. This is special for all those brides who don’t wear makeup and don’t want to look like they are wearing it in their photos. You can look as a natural or glammed up as you want to be and you will still be beautiful.

One big trend that has been around for a long time is the art of “eye popping.” Wearing shades that are too dark or doing “tight liner” around your eyes will give you a more closed eye sultry look. But if you want to bring out your eyes but still be recognizable and give off a flare of romance, you could do a soft smoky eyes and use shades that made your eyes pop. Lashes add a flare of glam to the daytime look.

The red lip has been around a long time, even my own mother used to tell me about the bowl of red jellybeans women would keep on their vanities to give their lips a red tint. Brides still do a red lip, but if you are going to wear it, then flaunt it!

Being a seacoast wedding makeup artist, I encourage all my brides-to-be to come to a makeup consult with an open mind and prepared with some images of makeup they love, as well as makeup they don’t love so we can look at it together to come up with a perfect look for you. That way, you will still look like a glamorous version of yourself! Together, we can come up with a perfect look for you!

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