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Julia Madden  •  Advertising Sales
Julia has worked with publications from Madison Ave to New Hampshire; in small business development, marketing strategies, public relations, and advertising sales; Seacoast Weddings is a favorite.
office phone: 436.7942, ext 127
office fax: 603.436.1363

Theresa Wiseman • Advertising Sales
Theresa has been working on Seacoast Weddings since 2005, and enjoys every minute of it. When not working, she enjoys life with her family and friends, and is always up for a good wedding.
office phone: 603.436.7942, ext 116
office fax: 603.436.1363

Erika Behrmann  •  Advertising Sales
Erika has worked with a number of publications in marketing, photography, and in advertising sales. She also works as a Bridal Consultant at Madeleine’s Daughter, and enjoys foodie culture, traveling, and photographic adventures.
office phone: 603.436.7942, ext 102
office fax: 603.436.1363